About Me

I was born in Dubbo, on Wiradjuri country, though have spent most of my life surrounded by the beautiful bushland on the northern outskirts of Sydney and the Central Coast.

My relationship with nature began and was encouraged early in my life, and has developed into a deep love for, and connection to this earth. Nature is my foremost teacher, healer and guide. She is always teaching me, and I am always learning, discovering and growing more.

In line with this, I’ve had a lifelong interest in human nature, and the ways our inherent, authentic individual nature and essence can be encouraged and supported to grow toward full expression and a flourishing life… as well as the ways it can be suppressed, denied, neglected, distorted, crushed and hidden, even from ourselves.

Through my own journey of healing and growth, through meeting my wounds and challenges, and experiencing my own inner and outer transformations, I’ve come to understand and embody within me, what can help to support and assist others on their journey.

My studies in Transpersonal Counselling, Art Therapy, Leadership and Shamanism, have then given me the knowledge, framework, skills and tools I’ve needed to practically help others in this role.

I feel blessed to be able to share this work that I love, and honoured to walk alongside others on their journey. I am at home in this role, and know I am walking my own path of heart.

My previous work life has involved work as a personal in-home carer, assisting several dear elderly women on their end-of-life journey, volunteering as a carer (‘marlpa’) for women elders in a remote indigenous community, and facilitating workshops for young girls entering puberty at the Royal Women’s Hospital (which I still do).

My qualifications include: Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling, Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy, Diploma of Leadership in Expressive Arts and Group Work, Certificate in Shamanism and Transformational Mask, and Diploma of Mask and Traditional Healing.

I’m a member of ANZACATA- the Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Therapies Association.

“Tension is who you think you should be, and relaxation is who you are.”

Chinese Proverb